Wednesday, January 18, 2006


campbellknitThis is amazing freedom. Write what you like when you like and who cares. It's fantastic. My other Blog is at but it contains generally family info and pics. I'm the only one with the knitting need which is out of control. My mum, who taught me to knit before I went to school, is well into her eighties and has bad arthritis in her hands and the other two sisters weren't taught, because all of a sudden Mum had three kids aged four and under as well as me.
My first triumph was a knitted swim suit for my English equivalent of a Barbie doll. I woke early one morning and as usual needed to keep quiet until the others roused. I started with a few stitches which fitted round her waist at the back, knitted down to the crutch and decreased and then matched it increasing back up the front and in and out until I reached a decent top shape. I sewed it together and made twist wool straps and had her in her costume before breakfast.
I still have problems with patterns and guage (or gauge, or gage etc.)
I love yarn and I really like knitting that grows quickly without having to feel like you're knitting with yarn as thick as an elephant's trunk. At the moment I'm still on a mixed yarn throw or shawl in multi yarns on big needles (10mm) but using a mixture of double knitting and slightly thicker wool.
It is one of those ones which is cast on loosely at the long edge and each new yarn is tied on to make a fringe length and cut off at the other end to do the same.
When I get the hang of how to load a picture I will put one on. Anyone with advice or questions , please write, thanks ferg.


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