Saturday, January 28, 2006

Throws and Things

The big throw is finished. It has ended up being much longer than I thought it would be because 180 stitches stretches quite a bit lengthways . As I cast off, it changed from a flared mini-skirt on the needles to a great long wrap or throw. There was a bit of wool left over which I'm now struggling to turn into a cushion facade/sham to go with it. I have made the purple stuff into a throw and a cushion and there is more purple stuff to knit up still, but I'm sick of home decor for now.
I'm now onto a little evening bag made of Paton's Moonlight. I could only afford a couple of balls but I've been lusting after it for ages and it knits up beautifully into a metallic lustre with a soft feel like angora. It's quite amazing and very regular. I'm using a Crystal Palace Yarns free pattern. I got a swatch of metallic fabric from the Op-Shop to line it with. I also have my eyes on Robert's old work shorts and t-shirt. They have been worn and washed so much they will cut up into the most usable strands of fabric to knit with. Watch this space.
On the chutney front, I made some "Mediterranean Chutney" from my lovely new recipe book to use up the glut of food in the garden and thickened it up with flour a la the tomato relish recipe and it seems to be fine.
I will have to do something marvelous with nectarines next. They are ripening and falling off the tree. I have a relish recipe but they are such good eating I shall give bags away to the neighbours too.


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