Sunday, February 05, 2006

Knitted Velour Tote Bag and Fancy Face Washer

While I was visiting England last year I made a trip to the wool and craft supply shop in Hutton Henry, near Durham where my mother lives. I took Mum and Dorothy-from-downstairs for a ride out. Dorothy was brought up in Hutton Henry where her family had a dairy farm and she enjoyed a real ride down memory lane. It is one of the prettiest villages in England without being too like a picture postcard.
Anyway... I bought a couple of balls of Tuscany and a couple of balls of Wow. I made the tote bag out of the Wow. I needed to do something simple because I find velour so difficult to knit with but it looked so lovely piled up on the shelf in the shop that I had to have it and the Tuscany just sparkled at me so the same happened. The bag has a crocheted circle for a base and stocking stitch knitted sides and I increased after the cord eyelets so that it flared at the top and then lined it with a piece of plaid taffeta from the fabric stash. I shan't mind if I dont sell it because I love it so much myself. It's my favourite colour and so luxuriously tactile.
The face washer is a pattern using two colours but slipping stitches and only using one colour each row, which I find easier than fairisle. I call it "faux fairisle". Then I crocheted around the edge to decorate it and hold it flat. I did a couple of smaller bags with metallic yarns in the same sort of style. Very simple draw string mini-totes in luxurious yarn to show off the yarn. They should all add some variety to the market stall along with the throws, cushions, scarves, ponchos and tea cosies.
And a table full of Jams and Chutneys, not to mention the nectarine products! Posted by Picasa


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