Monday, April 24, 2006

We went into Melbourne yesterday to go to my friend Peggy and her partner Mitch's wedding. It was in St. Kilda, which is an old suburb on the Bay. We decided to treat ourselves and used a last minute internet booking to get $50 off what would otherwise have been an horrific price so that we could have a view of the bay.
I took the red socks ; sock two, which has been going for a while now and I posed for this pic with it. To be honest, the mistakes in it are getting to be too frequent and obvious so it has sinced been frogged a good couple of inches and re-started
The actual view from the window was so splendid that we did little else but get changed and leave for the wedding which was a short walk away. St Kilda is one of those suburbs that does food, and food and drink, and drink and food.

This view shows the pier and breakwater to the right and the refurbished Sea Baths to the left. There were people in the sea when we walked the pier , the next morning. They were hugging themselves with the cold of the experience and none of them went in over the top of their legs! There is a wonderful memorial in the middle of the gardens below for the "Boer War" soldiers from the area.

This amazing stucture is not a wreck but a sculpture of a wreck (I think).

On our way back we had some breakfast at the Foreshore Kiosk because the newly re-built one, at the end of the kiosk (the original one burnt down) wasn't opening till noon.
It was lovely and we had the freshest rolls and coffee and fed the pigeons and sparrows with our crumbs. then we walked from the Lower Boulevarde to the Upper Boulevarde over the footbridge. In that short time we must have seen at least two hundred cyclists in full gear and large, friendly, vocal groups "going somewhere".

This second sock of the second pair of socks is not going smoothly. It has been frogged three times and the last time was this morning while Robert had a bath at the hotel. I took it back about two inches and got it back on the needles with 97% of the glitches and mis-stitches removed. I must admit I didn't want to explain to people for the rest of my life, why the front of my hand-knitted socks had obvious blobs on them.

As you can see, I love crosswords. Particularly, cryptic and esoteric general knowledge. I love commas too and try to use them judiciously rather than vexaciously. In fact what has happened to punctuation? Was it all too difficult? I notice that the "Adverb" has died a death and no-one seemed to complain. Was it all too hard to do the 'ly' ending onto the adjective. I was greatly pleased to hear Peter Harvey and others, today, talkabout a ceremony rather than a cereMOANy.
Cheers Gillian


  • I hope that your socks work for you now. I like knitting socks, but have not done so this year. I knit 8 pairs last year. I got your e-mail address so I will contact you soon.

    By Blogger sue, At 3:14 PM  

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