Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jerusalem Artichokes Escape From Nextdoor

Well here's a picture of my mouli sideways! It was a godsend for squashing the tomatoes through and because it is stainlees steel it went straight into the dishwasher. I used to have an aluminium one which worked well but always looked discoloured and a bit tatty.

This next picture shows the bumper crop of jerusalem artichokes (I think they are also known as sunchokes) . Two kilos of them from the two plants that escaped from next door and grew as tall as sunflowers behind the garden shed.
I have roasted some of them with potatoes, parsnip and pumpkin to go with our Sunday lunch and I cooked up a heap in some stock with thyme and lemon rind and a dash of cream and then put it all through the mouli to make a tasty soup.

I have been googling for an hour, looking for moire recipes because they dont keep more than a couple of weeks. The list seems limited to soups and sliced, layered creamy bakes like scalloped potatoes. Any ideas anyone? I must admit my favourite book (see previous post) had all the google research knowledge and recipes in just a few pages and I could have saved myself the search time but I'm always hoping that there will be something wonderful, tasty and easy to make that I dont know about. In fact, I think I could write a recipe book called "A Meal In Ten Minutes From An Armchair"


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