Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Better News But Still No Pics

I spoke to My mother last night and although still croaky, she is much better and at Sister2's. Sister1 was coming for her to take her home to Durham and stay with her for a while. The problem was an infected and impacted wisdom tooth that she didn't know she still had. They have removed it and she is still on anti-biotics for a few days and her face is still swollen. But it was so lovely to hear her voice and she was so glad to be going home to her own little flat.
She had had her other tooth fixed and I must apologise for doubting her.

I have been consoling myself, the last few days by cooking up a storm.
*Pink Grapefruit and Cointreau Marmalade
*Muscovado Sugar Marmalade with a hint of Ginger
*Lemon Butter/Curd
*Green Tomato and Apple Chutney
*Crab Apple and Rose Water Jelly
and this afternoon I shall skin the tomatoes for some Spicy Tomato Relish, make a Shepherd's Pie for tomorrow from the left over roast lamb from Easter Sunday's lunch and make a Chicken Florentine for tonight's tea.

Every time I picked up knitting needles I made a mistake and had to frog, pick up and re-knit. The second red sock is back to where it was but the black waistcoat is still a bit of a tangled mess. It's a novelty yarn and dropped stitches disappear and then seem to dissolve away the surrounding fabric till a very large hole makes it obvious that it's not just a variation in the yarn!. I'll have a go at that later because I was hoping to wear it to a friend's wedding on Monday. Not very long to go now!!! (Monday is not such a strange day for a wedding because Tuesday is ANZAC day which is a serious Public Holiday here in Australia when wars and military personnel and nurses, are commemorated with dawn marches and due solemnity)

I had some lovely mail. I bought a niddy-noddy on ebay and it arrived quickly, was a cinch to assemble and I've already made a hank of wool out of a ball so that I can dye it . AND so that I can dye it, I have received in the post a lovely catalogue from Bonnie at KraftKolour, because their new web site is not up and running yet as promised, and shall send away this afternoon for some dyes. I also unearthed my swift and think that I have established its true purpose. And last but not least, I purchased this morning, a stainless steel pan with two layers of steamers and a glass lid/set at the reject shop for $18! All this will be put into a photo essay about my first attempts at dyeing some wool to knit socks....very soon.

It turns out, from a quiz I did on from a programme on "Choices", that I am an Excessive Maximiser. This is why I spend so long getting ready and researching things to be absolutely sure I have maximised my benefits from the choice I will make. It also suggests that such people are prone to depression because all the preparation before decision making is too much for them. I haven't ever been depressed but OMG do I burst into tears easily if something goes wrong after I've worked it all out not to go wrong. I have found myself relying on numbers to make choices, eg "I'll buy the fifth pair of shoes I try on". Today I took them back and swapped them for a size larger. Wonderful Nigel at the shoe shop just took the next size out of the box and put mine (unworn) in and textered out 10 and wrote 91/2 .

A man in an enormous truck has just delivered a timber arbour/pergola for the back garden. It is a put-together-yourself-one so it may be a while before a picture of it appears. The $10 Reject Shop one will go to join its twin over the vegie patches and support the peas and beans.

Cheers Gillian


  • You are one busy lady! All of your homemade cooking inspires me to want to cook. The shepherd's pie sounds delightful and I'll make a turkey (it's what we have currently) version for tonight's supper.

    By Blogger Heide, At 6:12 AM  

  • Hello Gillian,
    I do read your blog. Glad to know that your mother is allright. I see that you got your photo up on your blog. Was it hard. I too cannot seem to do this. Any advice would be helpful to me. My sister in law and grandmother in law live in Bacchus Marsh too. I do pop in there from time to time. Maybe we could meet one day and do some knitting.

    By Blogger sue, At 8:09 PM  

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