Thursday, November 09, 2006

See You Later

I have just made an appointment to see a solicitor about property division. Apparently divorce is really easy and cheap but property is a different issue. I must make myself cast on some stitches so that I can make something while I grieve.


  • Um, not sure what to say, that came out of left field a bit after reading your previous posts - but if you want to email me off blog (jmeedmondsATyahooDOTcomDOTau) please do - you sound aweful in this post. Hugs, Judy

    By Blogger Sheep Rustler, At 11:26 PM  

  • Aw crap. Thinking strong thoughts for you, Ferg.

    By Blogger Taphophile, At 12:46 AM  

  • Thanks. Sue came round today. It's really lovely to have a blogger so close.
    Looking forward to seeing Canberra soon.
    Love and cheers Gillian

    By Blogger ferg, At 12:58 AM  

  • I know I can't do anything but send you happy thoughts and vibes. Be strong.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 2:34 AM  

  • Hugs to you. Hope the knitting helps.

    By Blogger Becky, At 12:25 PM  

  • Oh, don't know what to say!!

    Wish I could give you a big hug.

    You can email me too off line so to speak at either bfrancisATpccDOTgovtDOTnz or sometimes this will find me too francisATihugDOTcoDOTnz

    I have been busy with computer upgrades at work and am working today , Sat so won't be at my PC until Tuesday.

    Sending love and hugs your way. There are alot in your corner your know. You are not alone. As difficult as this is there is an end to it one day. Just a matter of getting there... and we will walk it with you.

    Please stay in touch if possible. [ I think the computer must come in your half!! :) ]

    By Blogger Beverley, At 6:58 PM  

  • and here i was going to write a comment about cape gooseberries .

    Even tho i only know you thru your blog i want you to know you have my best wishes .

    By Blogger melissa, At 9:10 PM  

  • Oh Gillian, I wish I was able to give you a big hug. Good luck. Heide

    By Blogger Heide, At 9:41 AM  

  • WTF, I am gobsmacked, when did this happen to you. Wow we just don't know what is around the corner. A huge virtual hug your way Gillian, you just keep your head up and the knitting needles flying there. Thinking of you.

    By Blogger Annie, At 2:18 PM  

  • Stand up for yourself Gillian. Be strong and look forward Blog Neighbour.

    By Blogger Rachael, At 4:56 PM  

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