Thursday, February 09, 2006

Unhealthy Cake

This, of course, was never going to be a failure. It hardly needs a recipe.
What happened was...I found a packet of marshmallows at the back of the cupboard and their "use-by" date was up, so I went to the shop and bought good quality dark chocolate, unsalted/sweet butter and some plain biscuits.
I came home and made this slice in ten minutes. It resembles "hedgehog" but I hate nuts in sweet dishes and don't enjoy the taste or texture of them so I'm always looking for another ingredient to fill their space in a cake or biscuit recipe.
I did my usual and looked up "Old Marshmallows Recipes on google and came up with a recipe for marshmallow/choc/cherry fudge. The cherries were to be glace! Yuk as much as nuts in cake so I went for a marshmallow/choc/biscuit fudge slice and here's how I did it.

The General List of Ingredients
* 250gm/half a pound good quality dark chocolate
* 250gm/half a pound of marshmallows (it doesn't matter what colour they are)
* 200gm/half a pound minus a few, plain biscuits. These need to be put in a plastic bag and rolled with a rolling pin or bottle to make large lumps. This is the ingredient that can be changed around to include nuts, dried fruit etc
*20 gm/rounded tbs unsalted butter.

Read all this first so that you do not get caught out by rapidly solidifying choc mix while you sort out a suitably sized, greased pan
Put a tbs water in a pan and warm it up then throw in the butter and marshmallows. Stir it around over a gentle heat until it is all melted and blended but NOT sticking to the bottom. Take it off the heat and add the chocolate and stir quickly until it has all melted into the rest of the mixture. Then, with no time to waste, add the biscuit bits and stir just enough to mix in well then tip/scrape it all into a small, ready greased pan. Smooth it down and pop it in the fridge.

As soon as it is fairly cool you can start eating it.

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