Sunday, March 05, 2006

Giant Things

This is apparently a "Wolf Spider". It was quite a few cm across and had webby-hairy bits trailing from its legs. I have seen bigger in Australia and in Africa but this one was very unnerving because I wasn't wearing things. Every part of my body from feet to shoulders was available to spider attack. I yelled effectively and got DH out of bed. Robert sprayed it with nasty stuff and then it did an ab-seil off the wall onto the floor and ran towards my bare feet. I scooped it up in a dustpan and brush and ran down to the end of the garden and cast it into the overgrowth. It ran back towards me and then changed its mind and headed under the fence.
This is apparently one of the problems of living in a timber house. Spiders live between the outside weather boards and the inside plaster board and come out in disgust at any changes to their conditions. We have had the outside painted and were warned by the painter that we would have a greater spider visitation. He actually killed a "redback" which crawled out from under the front doorstep while he was working.
Anyway, cheers to all out there and if you are near Bacchus Marsh let me know, cos apart from spiders I'd love to hear from you and see you if you are passing. Posted by Picasa


  • I'd definitely need a stiff drink and a lie down after seeing a spider that size!! Another reason that i love NZ - no huge spiders - and no snakes :)


    By Blogger Mrs Independent, At 1:40 PM  

  • We have those guys here in Florida too, and while I dont get too bent out of shape over a spider, these exceed my acceptable size limit ;-)

    By Blogger Jade, At 11:39 AM  

  • I like spiders lots, but they certainly don't belong in the house. I always grab a cup and a piece of paper, and carefully transfer the spider outside. I've been teased for this, but I can't kill them.

    By Blogger Simone, At 5:18 PM  

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