Friday, February 24, 2006

Hookie Rugging

This is the amazingly simple method of hookie rag rugging. You get a rug hooker (without closing hinge) , stab it through the hessian (scottish! apparently that means something to people who know about hessian, other hessian is more closely woven), wrap the thin strip of fabric around the end of the hook and then pull it back through the hole you have made in the hessian. My right hand should be holding the hook but it is holding the camera. You can see that the edges of the hessian are held together with masking tape.
I'd love to be able to tell you where to get all this stuff but it was sent to me by my Mum in England! Anyway here's the address on the back of the DVD lesson. This is an amazing women called Heather Ritchie and I got this knowledge and the hook and the bit of hessian for the sampler and a couple of bits of fabric from her.
email Hopefully she can send you a catalogue or where to buy in USA/Canada.
I'm going over to UK in October and hope that I can get a box frame from her. In the mean time I must cope with an enormous embroidery hoop and try to hold it between my body and the table. Anyway here are some more pictures to help demonstrate what has to be done. Posted by Picasa


  • Hey - I love your rug. I want to learn to do that next. In between spinning, knitting, dyeing, being a parent and partner, working, etc, etc. I have bought instruction books on the subject and have most of the supplies - all I need now is time.

    The preserves look great - I love homemade stuff. Dad makes his own preserves and they're great.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and I will check in on yours frequently.


    By Blogger Rainbow Spinner, At 1:11 AM  

  • As usual I have missed a digit in the email address. It should be

    By Blogger ferg, At 1:32 PM  

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