Monday, February 20, 2006

To Market, To Market!

There are two markets coming up in the next month so I have abandoned textiles for cooking for a couple of weeks. It's the season for many fruits and vegetables to be available cheaply by the box and so I came home from the market garden with a 10 kilo box of lovely tomatoes for just $10. I have made some spicy relish (see right of picture) and plan to make a few bottles of ketchup this afternoon and some more relish on Thursday. I'm hoping that they will have green tomatoes available soon so that I can make a couple of dozen jars or more for the year. The tomato relish and the green tomato chutney are both very popular. Also shown in this picture is the crab apple jelly from the new tree. It is still quite small but the apples were large and made a lovely ruby jelly. The lower shelf contains jars of zucchini pickle made from garden vegetables. I have made a few batches and each one varies according to the season and the spice packets. Brown sugar and malt vinegar can enhance the flavour but I have noticed that people prefer the brighter coloured products that white sugar and vinegar give.
I have made some raspberry vinegar which I shall bottle this afternoon but I'm not sure if it is economically viable because of the cost of bought raspberries and the need to have a good white wine vinegar to macerate them in. 250 ml could end up costing $6!
When I have dealt with the tomatoes I shall move on to berry jams. I'm particularly keen to try the Raspberry and Blueberry with Star Anise and Vanilla at this site Although I will have to work out how much sugar because the quantity is missing. I'll let you know how it goes soon. Posted by Picasa


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