Friday, March 03, 2006

Trompe L'oeil or Trick the Eye

I did a day-course at the local Adult Education Centre and learned how to do this! For someone who hasn't painted a picture since school I was thrilled with the result. It's designated hanging spot is behind the new dunny door so that while you sit you can contemplate what might be beyond. While I was doing the painting and using up rolls of masking tape, the pumber was actually connecting up the new toilet and the trough in the new laundry so I was able to give my palettes and brushes a good soak when I got home.
I also had a go at illusion or shadow knitting tonight with the "Illusion Kitty" kitty face from I doubled up a couple of rows, accidently, so mine looks like "Illusion Puppy" and you have to hold it at just the right angle to get the effect. I just hoped it would be a bit more stunning. The instructions were really easy to follow, though, because I find charts quite daunting and prefer the old k1,p1 style of pattern.
It's a warm night and I can hear a party, booming bass, not far away, but sleep beckons and my body will be glad to lie down. I will need to get into the painting of the new "Shed" tomorrow so that I can move in soon. Posted by Picasa


  • That's a great painting - beautiful.

    I am still scarred by my primary school attempts at art with thick brushes and globs of lumpy paint - so am very impressed indeed!


    By Blogger Mrs Independent, At 6:45 PM  

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