Saturday, February 18, 2006

Well, there has been some progress in the knitting Olympics. One of the events in the pentathlon is complete. A simple mohair and cashmere, feather and fan scarf is done and finished because there is no yarn left. But, at over two metres it should suit most people. it is only 18cm wide so it needs to have length to play with. The hairy fibre doesn't show up the lacy pattern in this picture too well.
The hookie rugging is going really well. I'm developing a rhythm and have had my first blister in the palm of the hand where the handle rolls. It's nearly finished and I'm pleased, but I shall have a go at proddie next and then decide whether to design anything for hookie or just go with the flow of colours with proddie or clippie mats. Some people might wish to chastise me about that. They might say that even proddie or clippie rugs can be "designed". I wonder, though if this defeats the purpose. These were mats and rugs made during hard times like the Great Depression and design was not a primary factor. It doesn't mean,however, that the rugs had no artistry. The affinity of the fabrics and colours was carefully chosen and different areas of the rugs were worked to suit the fabric available. Not so with my sampler, but I am learning.
The other items in the picture are Crab Apple Jelly made from the our garden fruit and Zucchini Relish made from our garden vegetables. We visited a local winery today at St. Annes just a few minutes up the Western Highway and they are having a country market on 13th March, so I might do a jam and chutney stall.
We had been out to the "Tractor Pull" at Ballan and had a great time. Posted by Picasa


  • Hi! The scarf looks really cozy and I really like the color, but I am FASCINATED by the rug! I have never seen anything like that. It's really interesting!

    (BTW: from your comment at my blog: You didn't offend at all! I really did laugh! It came about 10 minutes after a guy friend was teasing me about sitting at home and knitting on a Friday night...)

    By Blogger lori, At 5:49 AM  

  • Hello Ferg,
    Thank you for visiting my oh-so-boring site! I love Australia and although we have only been there one time my husband and I looked into moving there. Unfortunately for us, your government has enough sense to keep people out and we were denied anything more than a long visit! Your scarf is beautiful and if postage wasn't so dear then I'd suggest a jam and jelly exchange between us. I can and preserve food from my garden and make all of my own jam and jelly too. I only have four chooks, and they are only for egg/pet purposes. How many do you plan on raising? Anyway, I'd best get back to my sock knitting. There has been precious little knitting time and the Yarn Harlot has a countdown ticker on her site that is a reminder that time is of the essence! Take care and don't have nightmares about Muppets.

    By Blogger Heide, At 12:51 PM  

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