Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knitting Olympics Update

Here's my pentathlon of tasks.........
Top left is hookie rugging which I'm making up as I go along but I have decided to call it "Coral Garden" because the colours seem to lend themselves to underwater forms. The top right is the florentine canvaswork unearthed from 30 years ago. I found enough tapestry wool in the same colours to finish it into a rectangle rather than the square for the cushion that was intended and then I hope to make it into a bag or purse of some kind. I shall have to comb the op shops for some suitable bag handles. The middle right is a striped and fringed, half-knitted cushion cover which uses up the left over wool from the big throw. Bottom right is a fan/feather scarf in a mixture of cashmere, kid mohair and fine boucle which I bought on left over cones from a knitting factory and wound up on my hand-winder. Even with three yarns combined it is still as light as a feather. The bottom left is some free-form florentine that I found at the very bottom of my UFOs and intend making into a simple flap over pencil case.
I'm still trying to find a comfortable routine for the rug hooking. Heather Ritchie form Yorkshire whose DVD I'm using as a guide has a box frame which sits on her knee and it has grippers at each edge which hold the hessian as she works on it. I would love to know if I can get one in Oz. If not I can see myself lugging one home on the plane from England when I visit in October.
I spent much of today preparing and arranging the items and photographing them to look good but I have made little progress towards completion and on my return from the shops I found that Robert had harvested the crab apples and some unexciting peaches from the flowering peach tree so now I feel obliged to make them into something. I found one of those giant zucchinis which lurk, hidden under the leaves and so that needs to be turned into some relish too. I shall start with some food preparations. Now! Posted by Picasa


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