Thursday, March 23, 2006

Links, Help!

redumbrella I thought I had the routine right but the last post does not link for sites I've chosen. Please let me know in simple terms, what I have done wrong and how to link to a name instead of a whole URL, cheers Gillian


  • To turn a word into a hotlink you highlight the word you want to use during the "add post" section. While the word is highlighted press the following keys at the same time "Ctrl, Shift, A" This macro combination will make a box appear. At this time you will type the url into the box and hit enter or okay. Now the word you choose will work as a hot link in your post. This isn't any faster when it comes to composing a blog entry, but it will allow you to use a word or name rather than typing the complete web address.

    By Blogger Heide, At 4:05 PM  

  • Hello, I have just been catching up with your blog. It's nice to know that someone near by is blogging about their knitting and crafts as well. I live nearby in Melton. My partner's grandmother lives in Bacchus Marsh, just across from Maddingley Park. I have just started a blog about my knitting called Sue Knits. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to get the code up to be entered into the blog list, but hopefully soon.

    By Blogger Sue, At 9:13 PM  

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