Monday, March 20, 2006

Fat Kittykate is normally "black and WHITE" but when the sun shines on a patch of dark, brown, dusty earth, she can't resist rolling in it! Robert has brushed her but she is still very dusty and is complaining with loud squeals, at her treatment.

She is fat, but of course, it is not her fault. She can't open the fridge or a tin of gourmet cat food. We can and I also purchase trays of steak specials and then cut them up and freeze them for titbits. She expects these titbits every day.

She is very well behaved regarding my knitting but she hasn't been able to keep herself off some alpaca I got at Bendigo Knitting Mill Shop (backroom), so I have knitted her a small comfort blanket with the remains. We spend a lot of time watching out for BOB from next door. He knows she is on to a good thing and regularly enters any open door and heads to our kitchen for a taste of what she is having. He's a lovely looking cat and I hate to chase him away but we can't have a yowling competition every time he comes in.

The grass/turf is looking lovely. Kevin laid it today and Robert put the left overs round near the yet to be completed chook run. Wow, we have the makings of a garden at last.

I shall go and knit a bit more and see if Craig Mottram lives up to the hype. I'm dying to start some socks. I know, I know I'm also dying to do some dyeing. Today I made my hookie rug sample into a padded cushion for the chair I painted and I made a plain white blind for the space under the sink, so I have made some progress on my list, love for now Gillian


  • Fat Kittykate is gorgeous - my hubbly just walked in and commented on how fat she it. Beautiful. She looks so comfy.

    Don't worry about the other chores - start dyeing and spinning, everything else will wait!!!


    By Blogger Rainbow Spinner, At 3:36 AM  

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