Friday, February 10, 2006

Knitting Olympics Discovered Too Late

I wish I had been at this blogging business for longer and was more adept at posting news, photos and pictures from other sources. I'm still trying to get a "Knitting Olympics" button from a site to picasa so that I can upload it to this blog. Boo! I have spent many frustrating hours at it and got nowhere. Does anyone in Oz know where I can get BLOGGING LESSONS. I'd love to do more with what's available. I tried to sign on to the Knitting Olympics but so did thousands! of others so I don't know if I made it or whether just overwhelmed with the volume of traffic. Thankyou to Monique who picked up my helplessness and did well with some advice.
I have a cone of 1 ply dusky, purple cashmere which I shall knit into a scarf using the pattern for a lacy knotted openwork scarf on
But in the true sense of the Pentathlon I shall engage in more crafts at the same time. I'm hookie rugging...just started, finishing a velour tote bag with better cord draw-strings, making suet dumplings to go on tonight's stew and wrapping gifts for three new babies in the family.
I'll wind the cashmere into balls first and knit a swatch to see if I can get away with one strand or whether I'll need to double it up. These left over cones are available at DEA Yarns in Coburg in North Melbourne as well as fine mohair and a wonderful polyamide and wool boucle which is so fine that it knits up like cobwebs.


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