Monday, March 06, 2006

Tea Cosies Galore

A few years ago, when I started knitting again after a long break due to a damaged right hand, I "discovered" vintage knitting patterns on the internet. That and the joy of knitting with 4-ply (fingering) on 3mm needles after years of knitting with bulky on big needles in order for it to grow faster, was a maturing phase in my craft. I got pleasure out of detail instead of size.
My favourite pattern is this daffodil stitch pattern. It looks hard but is easy to do and so on a trip to visit my family in England, I left one in every home I visited. I knitted on trains, buses, and sofas and in doctor's waiting rooms, bus depots and even at table. Everyone chose a different colour combination and as I was able to finish one in a few days I was able to leave one at each sister's, brother's and Mum's. Of course I was not able to knit on the plane! The pattern is designed for a humungous family tea-pot and so I have reduced the number of daffodils and the number of layers to suit each recipient's tea-pot.
Flying to England every year to visit and NOT to be able to knit for all those hours is one of my biggest regrets. I hate to waste time and so I now get through the flight by reading knitting and other magazines from cover to cover. I used to be able to knit the back of a jumper.
I started this post to get the spider off the top of the page and I have drifted onto other things. I was just realising how lucky I am to be retired, not poor, and living in a house which I love more every day. I spent quite a bit of today painting the new shed/studio but Robert has done ten times what I have, he has more stamina.
Tomorrow I must prepare for my market stall. The first for this year. I don't think it's the right season for knitting but I have dozens of jars of jam and chutney to sell and ketchup and cordial. Then there is another stall on Monday/LaborDay Holiday, at a winery a few kilometers up the road. What with that and painting the studio,we will be busy for a while.
We have no plans to go into Melbourne for a couple of weeks because the Commonwealth Games will be on, but soon after we shall have the floorboards re-polished so an away-stay is on the cards. Kittykate will go and stay with "Auntie Sylvia" in the Cattery in the nearby hills and we shall go and waste money playing poker machines and eating out at Echuca on the Murray River... the Las Vegas of Victoria, Australia.
Next post I'm going to have another go at positioning the pics like Lori taught me and getting the links right.
Good luck and cheers to all who read this Gillian Posted by Picasa


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