Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No Pictures With This News!

We took off to Ballarat on the train today. It was a lovely ride of about 40 minutes and then we walked a couple of blocks to the shopping mall where I had a particular errand. "The Lingerie Shop". A simple name for a wonderful shop with such friendly and helpful people. It was such a luxury to be fitted with a bra that is so comfortable, I dont know I'm wearing it. I was also shown how to use a small prosthesis (boobie) which makes it look like I have two matching boobs, which I didn't even have before a couple of lumpectomies. I can throw away the rolls of tissues I have been using to stop the bra cup crumpling up. I've ordered two more bras and treated myself to lots of "sloggi" undies.
The strange thing is, delighted as I am, I put it all away carefully in a drawer when I got home.
I wonder if I will wear it tomorrow?
News Flash
I have just had to interrupt my tale of the day to chase a chook out of the kitchen, where it was eating the cat's dinner. It's the third one in today, from nextdoor. Damon came round and crawled around under the house waving silverbeet leaves at it. I caught it as it did a runner to the hole in the fence where it came in and Robert nailed up the paling.
After the successful shopping we wandered through to the Art Gallery area and Federation Plaza, where the big open air party is on tonight to celebrate the Opening of the Commonwealth Games. Lots of characters in weird costumes wandered around keeping us amused as we ate a delicious lunch at the Art Gallery Cafe.
My "studio" is nearly ready and tomorrow I shall start moving in my stores and boxes. I have bought an old table and chair on ebay and shall go and collect them in the next few days. I have some lovely toile de Jouy in the traditional blue and white which will make up into attractive curtains. Joe, the builder has put up shelves for me, while we were out today, but they slope down to the front and this will have to be rectified as soon as!
Tomorrow, we will be awake early to welcome the man with the excavator who is going to dig up and remove the horrible grass and weeds beyond the verandah. This area will then be levelled and covered with "roll-on turf" from a turf farm down the road. I presume this means I will be able to walk bare-foot over springy lawn in a few days!


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