Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blue wrens and Bendigo

The other day, we had a couple of wonderful little visitors. A Blue Wren and little Mrs Brown Wren, as shown in this steal from a bird watchers book. Each bird is about 3inches/8cm across and the male is as startlingly blue as this picture and his tail is irridescent. The female/s follow behind him, tidying up the left overs as they go! When we lived in Melbourne we never had something so transfixing in the garden, and neither of us can remember ever seeing one so close up.

We were so transfixed we didn't dare move for fear of frightening them off so.....OK this picture shows, with very careful scrutiny, Mr. Blue Wren sitting on the front gutter. I have tried to centre him, but my camera is too poxy-pixel to allow me to enlarge it without turning it into a police "wanted" poster with the face pixelled out. So.....
I now show you a picture of a garment section that you have seen before. It is my attempt to make a garment out of "not quite enough yarn". I have a love for bargains and experience a thrill when I get one. This is half of a sleeveless top made from "not quite enough yarn" to do it properly and knit it to a suitable tension. I have made allowances for the NQEY by using larger needles than advised. I am still wondering whether to continue to do a front to match or frog the back. I have had advice on this before. Thankyou. But I just put it away without making a decision and I need some more advice now.
I am trying to teach Kittykate how to knit. She is not the slightest bit interested. I have high hopes of getting her 15 seconds of fame on this

I know that it is really me who wants the 15 seconds of fame so here I go with my latest efforts.
The wool/silk, sampler scarf is progressing well and I'm enjoying finding new patterns to keep it square as I go.

I had a lovely day yesterday, dyeing some yarn for becky who won my competition and although I have pics I'll wait till she gets it.

Bendigo tomorrow. I shall be up really early cos it takes two hours to drive up there. First the Show, then the Mill shop, then lunch at the pub round the corner from the mill (really good and well priced, it's called Lakeview even though you can't see a lake). Then maybe some other venues and then home. I am even prepared in advance with food for the evening meal and only have to grill the lamb chops to go with the rest of it. BLISS, BENDIGO, BOUNTY

Cheers to all Gillian


  • Lucky gal going to Bendigo. I love the blue wren. When Isabelle and I left your house we actually saw a pretty Rosella around the corner. You must have a lot of good trees and plants so that they like to come and visit you. Kitty looks cute attempting to knit too. What a clever cat.

    By Blogger sue, At 4:31 PM  

  • Soooo! What d'ya get at Bendy?? I went on Friday as well. Not very organised of us. We could have had a get together. I don't go every year but 21yo ds moved over there last week so we visited him, checked out his little house and wandered around a bit. I love Bendigo! My favourite Vic city. Pity it's an hour an 1/2 to get there or I'd be there more often.

    The blue wrens are adorable. We have lots here. Willy wagtails and bright red robins too. So cute!

    Let us know when kitty makes her first stitch. I'm looking forward to reading about her fame and fortune. ;o)

    By Blogger Dot, At 4:32 PM  

  • Kitty is doing a great job of the sampler scarf. That's one lovely yarn. Hope the trip to Bendigo was fab - so jealous.

    By Blogger Taphophile, At 2:23 AM  

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