Saturday, July 15, 2006


A friend of Mum's asked me to knit her husband a new vest. This was while I was in England so it was a fair while ago now. It had to be this exact colour, which is actually a bit greener in real life and it had to match the old one which he had worn out. I managed to get a pattern at the op-shop. I knew it would be fine because that's the era of the original. I got the right colour from Bendie in "Persian" which is a lovely soft mix of wool, mohair, alpaca and silk. I even have enough over to knit a beanie and socks to match!!!(OK. I won't)
But it all took so much longer than I planned. I had THREE goes at the v-neck. For some reason on the first two attempts, I was a stitch out at the decreases for the ribbed edging and it looked like I had just knitted a blob at the point where it angles.
I dont remember having such angst with v-necks before, but it is a long time since I've done one.

This is the lovely bag which Sue made me. It holds small to medium projects like this scarf. Yes, the wool is familiar. It used to be the start of a cable scarf but I lost concentration and buggered up the cables and couldn't unfrog it to a useful pick-up point. It is now a moss stitch scarf but it is getting boring so it may became a "sampler" scarf. This means I can play around with blocks of different textures and patterns. It is the lovely merino and silk that I got from Cheryle.

I'll be hoping to get some more at the Sheep and Wool Show this weekend.

Last but not least my competition ends today but I'll wait till tomorrow to announce winners because not all of the world is up and about yet.

Cheers for now Gillian


  • The vest is amazing! I'm sure that he will be thrilled to receive this beauty to replace his old favorite. Your stitches are so even and neat. The bag looks like a perfect portable project pack! You've got to love portable knitting. Cheers!

    By Blogger Heide, At 9:32 PM  

  • The vest turned out great. The color is not too far off is it. I am sure that your mum's friend's husband will love it. Thanks for showing off the bag too. I am glad that you can use it for some of your projects. Maybe a bigger one will have to be made next to fit your larger projects into.

    By Blogger sue, At 12:30 AM  

  • The vest is lovely. Perhaps the hat and socks could be for you. Shame about the cabled scarf, I was going to ask for the pattern.

    By Blogger Taphophile, At 1:11 AM  

  • Vest looks great!

    By Blogger trek, At 8:09 AM  

  • That is a great classic vest and what a nice thing to do! Hope the scarf gets rolling for you soon. In the meantime, it's in a lovely bag. :)

    By Blogger Becky, At 9:19 AM  

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