Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Variety of Ventures

For a long time, I wondered what the purple veined leaves were, growing in the vegie plot. They weren't the right colour or season for beetroot but after a patient wait they turned into Kholrabi.
I love this vegetable in parsley sauce but Robert is not so keen. Fortunately the next one is not so large so I will simply eat it all myself.

I visited Sue
and flicked through her knitting books and traded some of her stash. Sue has a considerably larger collection of both of them than I have. I was able to relieve her of a carrier bag full and have been busy turning some of it into toddler garments for the stall. The pink poncho is the "two rectangle" style and knitted from a lovely soft yarn called Fiddlesticks by Panda. The little jerkin is in Meteor also by Panda and edged with some unknown knobbly pink stuff.

This, of course, has prevented me from finding the time to undo and correct Mum's friend's top. I have finished the big poncho, though. It just needs sewing together and fringing. Hopefully these two items will be on the next post. I just left my post for half an hour to watch "Antiques Roadshow". I just love the things people wrap up and bring in and I love watching their faces when they are told to insure an ugly piece of pottery for $5000. I'm also amazed by the really large pieces of furniture that must have taken a removal truck to shift. They stand beside them and say things like"I don't know what it's worth but we think Oliver Cromwell hid in it!". They are then tragically disappointed to find out it was made in 1954 from British war surplus rolling-stock parts. Today one woman came all the way in to the show with an enormous "engraving" of Marx only to find out it was a framed poster, and she narrowly avoided a parking fine for more than the poster was worth.

Robert and I have spent some time developing the new labelling system for all the jars on the stall. Up until now I have had a large updated list of the products available and prices etc. I must admit that it has been a waste of time because everyone comes along and ignores the list and then bends over nearly double, peering at the labels to see what it is and then asks "How much?".
So I am now going to pile the jars up in pyramids and each one will have its own label.
They are pine with dowel in them which has a fine cut at the top and a card slots in.


Cheers to all,



  • You have been a busy pair. your labelling system is ingenious and decorative.

    By Blogger Taphophile, At 6:34 AM  

  • Wondered where you had been, obviously very busy, knitting those little gorgeous items for the stall. I would never have used them so I am glad you could make such cute little things out of them and so quickly too. I love the little signage posts for the stall too, so cute.

    By Blogger sue, At 6:22 PM  

  • they look great - I bet people still ask the price though

    By Blogger Donni, At 4:57 PM  

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