Thursday, August 24, 2006

Strange Strawberry Jam on the Left

All of a sudden the price of strawberries fell from about $3.00 a 250gm punnett to $1.49 a punnett . This cheap bonanza was at the gloriously named fruit stall on The Avenue, on the way into Bacchus Marsh...."The Fruits of Life".
I went to inspect them and found them to be small, hard and red and, therefore, ideal for jam making. So I bought a couple of kilos. Or more.

My market stall is a bit short of jam at the moment. I have the last of the berry concoctions and I have made some "Dried Apricot" jam but I am about two months off the spring fruits and jelly fruits. I make lemon curd/butter just before each market and it "walks" off the table before lunchtime. But I needed some jars of fresh red jam.

Anyway....this week, Aldi, the price-busting supermarket, had large, soft, red ones for 99cents a 250 gm carton, and so I bought another three kilos. Well, actually Robert has got to the stage of coming back from the fruit stalls and Aldis with a few kilos here and there, so WE bought three kilos. Luckily strawberries can be prepared and frozen so I have been laying them to rest in the freezer.

I then checked my recipes and cooked up a few jars of "Whole Strawberry Jam". Then as I was surfing through a few more varieties , I came across "Strawberry, Balsamic and Black Pepper Jam" . Well I have now made 6x250 ml jars. I love it myself, and Robert, who is not a jam eater, loves it, and I shall take a couple of jars into Melbourne tomorrow where I am assisting in the preparation of the morning tea for a colleague who is retiring.
The picture above shows "Whole Strawberry Jam" on the right and the wonderful "Strawberry, Balsamic and Black Pepper Jam" on the left. Thankyou Mellie for the recipe.

You will notice that I have been able to fix up my links bar a bit, thanks to Sue who only lives about 18Km away and "popped" by today to help me. She and Isabelle were able to show me how to load all that stuff and if you all give me another week and I might be able to add more fancy bits.

Fatkitty is not as big as she seems. We just have a small TV. Well fairly small or perhaps medum sized!
Fortunately she is not big enough to affect the weather. It still looks fairly ordinary around the state

Cheers to all, Gillian


  • I've never heard of strawberries combined with black pepper and basalmic vinegar before. My curiousity is piqued. How wonderful to have a friend stop by and assist you with your blogger. I hope you sell lots of your delectibles in Melbourne.

    By Blogger Heide, At 9:55 AM  

  • Your jam looks great, sorry I did not taste any but I still do not feel 100%. I am glad that you managed to fix up your sidebar. If I find out how to do anything else I will let you know. Hope you have a great morning tea for your friend too. Speak to you soon.

    By Blogger sue, At 10:27 PM  

  • I'm glad the Strawberry, Balsamic & Black Pepper recipe turned out for you. At which market do you sell your delectables? Hmm...I may have to come down and try a few, especially as I have run out of my own strawberry jam, and I now have a craving :-)

    By Blogger mellie, At 2:27 AM  

  • the strawbery and balsamic jam sounds divine ..i made a some lemon curd today..havent made it in ages .....mmmm.
    nothing likethe tang of lemon on nice bread .

    By Blogger melissa, At 12:32 AM  

  • You are lucky to have someone who can help you out with your blog. I'd love to have a food blog but wouldn't know where to start.

    It sounds like you have a buzzing market stall, keep up the good work.

    By Blogger Maree, At 11:15 PM  

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