Sunday, August 13, 2006

Keep It Local

We managed to save enough pavers for Kevin (the gardener) to lay a path with Lilydale Toppings (sharp gravel) between the slabs. I wanted it to look like stepping stones on a gravel bed and he did really well
I have been busy this week with the market and we came home from that to make some more pickled onions. People are coming back for more!
It's about time to make some seville orange marmalade too. The oranges are only available once a year. I'm on the trail of some cumquats too. Just to keep my hand in I have been adding to my "cloth" stash. I have given some away as gifts, sold a few and also tried a few new patterns.
It's really lovely to complete something so quickly. I've been using Paton's Stonewash cotton bought as a bargain on ebay and some Bendigo-back-room 8 ply. They are unmercerised so they are wonderfully absorbent, can be machine washed and are relaxing to knit.
The one on the left is a simple "basket case!" inside three rows of garter stitch all round. I used two strands of 8 ply cotton and used 4.5mm needles, mainly because I have some new anodised ones that size and I love anodised needles and I always knit one more row than the number of pattern stitches. eg If I knit 5 stitches plain then 5 stitches purl all the way across, I knit it for 6 rows before I change round because it makes it nice and square.

Yes, I think that is why it suits me, nice and square.

The second one from the left is a lovely new pattern I found called Bubble Wrap
Because I was using two strands of blue and white, I only used one white strand for the bubble and then picked up the two strands at the end of each one. With the bubbles in white and the background in the two-colours they stand out really well.

The third from the left is a simple fan and feather design and the last one is a really cute sheep pattern, done in bobbles, which I might do a bit of embroidery on to bring out the shape of the sheep. It is from the same site as the bubble wrap

It's a bit SAD to find so much satisfaction in completing a cloth, but it is at least a completion and relieves the guilt feelings about the cardi and uses up some stash. And I was thinking I might get some dolly pegs and hang them all from a line like the picture in "The Knitters Stash"
Must admit I haven't come across any LINEN yarns or even blends and would love to know if there are any available locally.

I think that my efforts to reduce food-miles by cooking up all the produce in our garden and neighbourhood should reach across to yarn-miles. I'm lucky to live where so much is available so close to home.

Cheers for now Gillian


  • Ooh I see you have changed something within your links. Very effective. I love the new path, it looks so good. I bet your pleased with it rather than the sawdust. I also love your little sheep cloth, how cute.

    By Blogger sue, At 4:59 AM  

  • Nah, it is great to be able to do something knitterly that is instant gratification.

    By Blogger trek, At 6:58 AM  

  • Hi what a fast response to my blog!!! I went back in to correct the spelling mistakes and a comment already!!

    I love what you have done with the path, so glad you put them to good use, I still can't believe they dug them up.

    The marmalade is looking very good, the best I have made I think so I am very pleased with it.

    By the way the knitter's loom folds up even when there is weaving on it so it is portable. "No room" is really not an excuse you know , it would fit under the bed easily. Heh, heh..:))

    Off to do a couple of rows!


    By Blogger Beverley, At 11:37 PM  

  • Your washclothes are perfect and inspiring. I need to make some for special gifts. Paired with a bar of handmade soap they make a fabulous present. Your path is just adorable. It makes me want to skip along and deliver a basket of goodies. Yum, yum marmelade. We have a very diffecult time finding the seville oranges here because most people do not can or make their own food anymore. As a result, the stores don't stock them. I've always had to use a combination of grapefruit and lemons to "tart" mine up and then I feel guilty because it isn't true marmelade. Good luck with the onion pickling.

    By Blogger Heide, At 6:28 AM  

  • Dishcloths are what keep me knitting. I need the instant success to tackle the challenges.

    I love Bobbles the Sheep. I made three for a swap last year. It's not an easy knit for me, but I love how it turns out. Your cloths look great!

    By Blogger Becky, At 1:20 PM  

  • All that produce and cooking sounds pretty good to me. Your dishclothes are lovely, it seems to becoming an obsession lately all this dishcloth knitting everyone is doing. Good for the environment too.

    By Blogger Annie, At 3:27 AM  

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