Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lovely People

I had a lovely time last Friday when I went to my first ever Knit and Knatter session in Bishop Auckland a few mile away. Now I know why they are so popular the world over. All the people there were so lovely and friendly and were busy making such a broad range of articles and "knattering" all the time.
I am looking forward to more. There was also interest in spinning and dyeing and I am hoping to start up these hobbies again soon.
I bought an Ashford spinning wheel off ebay and picked it up from the post office this morning.
Unfortunately the flight has sheared off and the part under the hinge has broken in two. This was because the part had not been stabilised before transit and had been pushed around almost parallel to the main frame.The hub off the wheel has also split in half on a vertical plane and this has loosened all the spokes. The wheel wobbles dreadfully and has lost all its stability. I dont know whether anything can be done to repair these problems and have spent much of the rest of the day in a very weepy state. If Robert was here he would have been able to fix it but I only have some of his tools and don't know how to use many of them. The split hub looks like it has been like that for a while.
Anyway, I am in contact with the seller and will see what can be resolved. I can see it being a matter of blaming parcel force and fear that I shall be left with an expensive ornament.
I so badly wanted to spin, I was so excited, I turned down two others. Now I don't even feel like knitting and still have that sock to finish
Things will be better in the morning, I'm sure
Cheers Gillian


  • Hello Gillian, Glad you enjoyed the knit and natter, it was lovely to meet you and great to meet another knitter/spinner/dyer!!!
    What a shame about your wheel. the same thing happened to my wheel recently with the hinge on the maiden(I think thats what it's called) it split in the same place. I got another bit of wood and cut out a replica piece with hole drilled in the same places. it works fine. However i'm sure you could still have words with parcel force, it shouldn't have happened. Becky (I was sitting next to you!!!).

    By Blogger gonga, At 2:45 PM  

  • Bummer! I hope you get it resolved and get another wheel.
    Glad you found a fun knitting group.

    Another Becky :)

    By Blogger Becky, At 12:57 AM  

  • Oh Gillian, what a bummer. Is there a local high school? Perhaps someone could make a piece for you as a project?

    By Blogger amanda j, At 1:39 AM  

  • Oh Gillian, is there perhaps a person in your village who repairs wheels. The seller would have had to have insurance for the parcel wouldnt they. I hope you can resolve it, or maybe do what Becky said and get someone to cut out the same size piece and replace it so you do your spinning again. Try to look at it positively, and knit on the second sock so you dont get too depressed about it. It will all be sorted out in the end, and I hope in a wonderful way for you. I am so happy for you meeting new people too, and being able to enjoy your hobbies again.

    By Blogger sue, At 3:20 AM  

  • It was lovely to meet you on Friday at Knitn Natter. I'm pleased you enjoyed it and hope the unusual coffee conversation hasn't put you off!
    What a shame about your wheel. It must be so frustrating when you are wanting to spin. Hope it all gets sorted soon.

    By Blogger artyfartykat, At 6:48 AM  

  • You poor girl. I sure hope you can find a wheel smith or something who can fix it for you. I do wish these people who sell things on e-bay would take better care when packing things for sending through the post. Postal workers are shockers, and I've had quite a few things arrive broken.
    Take care Gillian.

    By Blogger Sue H, At 8:27 AM  

  • Lucky you being so close to such a cool knitting group!!

    Sorry to hear about your wheel, I hope you can get it sorted :(

    By Blogger Helen, At 3:10 AM  

  • Glad you enjoyed the knitting group, it was lovely to meet you and we shall definitely have to get some kind of spinning group together too.
    What a real shame about your wheel, I hope you can manage to find someone locally who can help you out.
    Hope you are OK after the explosion in Wolsingham on Saturday, what an awful tragedy.

    By Blogger acrylik, At 9:31 AM  

  • Shocked to hear about what happened over the weekend.Are you O.K.? Becky.

    By Blogger gonga, At 2:41 PM  

  • Hi Gillian,
    I'm so glad you returned to blogland. It was a bit lonely looking over my virtual fence during you absence. Hope you've sorted everything out including that wheel.
    Your knitting neighbour,

    By Blogger Rachael, At 3:28 AM  

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