Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pressure Makes Perfect

Life needs sorting. Time is running out before I move.
I have been having a quick look through the stash and these balls of yarn seemed to go well together. There's a dark green, a multi-blue/green and a black. So I decided to put them together to make a top. They aren't in the right quantities to make it match back and front but there is plenty overall so I will just keep changing one colour every two pattern depths till I get there.

I have chosen "Ladders of Elegance" from the Knitter's Stash. This is one of my favourite pattern books and I have knitted the "Daisy Shawl" in many yarns and sizes. The top I'm doing is a thick, two strand one. It's a good stash-buster and I'm the sort of person who will happily wear a sleeveless warmer. I like my arms free. I will try to do more of a "boat" neckline though.

Anyway I can boast about my knitting because I have done all the ironing!!!!!!!!!

I had to start because there was no space left to hang the next lot of washing. I did two weeks worth yesterday and then this weeks lot, today.
I also got lots of stuff out of the freezer so that I can get rid of it next week....probably to the Heart Foundation who have a new Furniture and White Goods Store opening soon in Bishop Auckland. Unless anyone wants to come round and fetch it this week from Wolsingham. Please let me know if you are able to collect a freezer from here or from central Darlington. I also need homes for an old dressing table with mirror, small glazed china cabinet,a tea trolley and small stuff. Email me on

I made Plum Butter and Spicey Plum Chutney. It's a while since I made preserves and such...

The plum butter is really tasty but a bit runny and the plum chutney is sweet and hot!. When I went to visit my sister in Bedfordshire, where I got all these plums, I made plum sorbet...a la Jamie Oliver and cordial. I still have a bag of plums left in the freezer so I will have to make myself some cordial if I can find a bottle.

I thought English was English!!! Particularly as I spoke it. The long period of time I have spent in Australia has not affected my accent but it has impacted on the pronunciation of some of the words and common words are so differently used.
Australian = Other
Op-Shop=Charity shop, Thrift shop etc. from....Opportunity Shop
Lollies =Sweeties, Candy
Icy pole= Ice lolly
Chips = Crisps
Hot chips =Chips
Zucchinis = Courgettes
Cordial= squash, fruit drink
and I'm sure there are so many more.
Please let me know how the words we use on our blogs vary from place to place. Unfortunately I can only cope with English. They tried hard at school to give me a "Language Base" but the only thing which I remember is the Latin that I failed.
Pronunciation is going to affect me mostly with food items eg Yoghurt! Ask me when you see me!
Cheers Gillian


  • And don't forget the Aussie pronunciation of the colour maroon, though I have heard quite a few TV announcers saying it (to me) correctly as marooooon, instead of maroan. No doubt it's the American influence though not the English.

    By Blogger Sue H, At 1:06 PM  

  • Damn those thousands of miles that separate us - I need a china cabinet!

    The plum work looks gorgeous - plum sorbet sounds divine!

    Ladders of Elegance is a lovely pattern. That whole book is gorgeous and it's your fault I bought it last year. Haven't regretted it, though. :)

    By Blogger Taphophile, At 2:19 PM  

  • Ooh nice to see you are cooking them again. I still absolutely miss your lemon butter. Are you moving into a smaller home. I hope the move goes well for you. I see that your stash must be shrinking as you are being very good and using up stash yarns. The pattern looks very nice on the vest too.

    By Blogger sue, At 4:22 PM  

  • Nice top you are knitting and good to see you making preserves again. Good luck with your move.

    By Blogger Ruby Girl, At 5:05 PM  

  • How lovely to see you back to making preserves, chutneys, etc. I can't wait to see the lovely sweater/jumper.

    By Blogger Heide, At 7:52 PM  

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