Friday, March 17, 2006

Dying to start Dyeing

I'm a fickle female. Always wanting to start something new before the other things are done. But you all know what a new book does. I did some dyeing many years ago with onion skins, gum leaves and other bits of flora but this all looks so exciting I can't wait to start. Before I do, however, I must...
1) make curtains for the new studio/laundry
2) paint the old table and chair I bought from ebay
3) finish the knitted bag with lining, handles and stiffening with the help of the instructions from Jade
4) make more tomato ketchup, chutney and raspberry jam
5) get the ironing done.

My spinning stuff is all up in the loft so I shall test out the dyeing on some Australian Country Spinners undyed 8ply which I bought cheaply in a large hank and when I'm happy with it I'll treat myself to some merino/silk which Cheryle told me she had spun. It sounds lovely and she described it as having a lustre from the silk. I would expect the dye to take with varying intensity because of the blend of fibres. She dyes her stuff using "landscape" dyes and the effects are wonderful so I shall forego the flora for some ready made dyes if I can find them.

Planning is often the most pleasure. Everything falls into place in daydreams and projects seem to finish themselves effortlessly. I must wake up now and make an effort. Posted by Picasa


  • isn't eBay wonderful! I buy and sell both there and have had lots of luck. Food from the deep south is very strange indeed and it was completely new to me when I met my husband. I still refuse to eat chitlins (boiled pigs' intestines) and I don't like grits. What is spagbol? During our lone visit (hope to have more in future) to Australia we ate lots of sausage. Dyeing yarn is fun, but so far I've only been able to afford the cheap dyes. Someday I'd like to try more expensive or organic substances. I garden, but have little time to make dye. Please post pictures as you are able of any projects you do.

    By Blogger Heide, At 6:22 PM  

  • Hmm A friend has that book and I have had a quick look. I like the concept of making large repeats of colours. I to would like a go of that.

    I am also going to get my son in Maryland USA to send me some Wiltons gel cake dyes. I have seen some wonderful result of those on the net and would like to try.

    Tomatoes ..........!!! It has certainly been a good year for them!

    Knit on >^..^<

    By Blogger Beverley, At 7:19 PM  

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