Friday, May 12, 2006

Last Post for a while

To my great disappointment, I can't get my camera to transfer pics to the computer. I had some pics of the grey/blue sock wool I had dyed and the finished jewel-coloured socks and matching beanie to take to England for my niece.
I shall take the camera with me anyway and hope to resolve the problem on my return. It's an old kodak with kodak-easy-share software and has worked like a breeze right up until today. Perhaps it has just got too old! Shame because I had it down pat and I'm not good with new technology.
I'm all packed and shall be off to the airport in the morning and be with Mum in England on Sunday. She lives in the northeast and a quick check on the internet predicts 10 degrees for my arrival.
Cheers to all, I'll be back in just under three weeks


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