Friday, January 25, 2008

Is This Real Winter?

Before xmas, I went out to trim some greenery off the local hedges and when I came back I made a window frame rather than a tree to hold cards and other decorations.

As you can see from the first pic I have a low valuation of TV entertainment. The old machine in the pic goes back further than it is wide but still shows all five "old" channels. I have estimated its age at 27years. It even has a remote control but the gadget tends to change channels when you press volume control!!!

Yes it did snow this winter. This second pic is the view from the sitting room window which is on the third floor, looking east, the next pic is from the window looking west.

I must admit that a brolly does not help much in these conditions.

After the greenery was removed from the window it seemed very bare but then I went to the twice monthly auction at the local auction house and bought this lovely book case as a partial room divider. It now divides the main room space from an office space and houses some of the more attractive and valuable volumes.

I continue to knit socks. This pair are in a 5/6ply marly blue and I'm using a variation of the "Monkey" pattern. Well I thought that was what the picture would show but instead you have another view of the sitting room.

The wind is howling around outside and I wouldn't be surprised if the "winter" follows it.

Cheers to you all, Gillian