Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Enough Socks for a While

I am sitting in the public library in Durham with my laptop plugged in to their power supply and my wireless stick picking up their internet access. It is warm and friendly and there is no time limit to use of the space so I shall be back.
It is only a very short walk from a flat which a friend of my mother's is letting me have for a very low rent. It is furnished and has one bedroom and is very comfortable. I am praying daily, though, that my house will sell soon in Australia so that I can get a place of my own here and have some of my own things around me. I feel very much "in limbo" still.
I'm hoping that blogging will help me to feel that I'm getting back to normal. Thankyou all for your kind thoughts and comments. I shall try to do a little news every now and then and let you know how I settle in.
I have knitted six and a half pairs of socks and am having a break by knitting a cotton top for myself.
Cheerio for now Gillian